Trekking in Corfu

We give you, as experienced professional guides, the best tips for 34 walks, all over the island, because there is no season in Corfu that walking isn't a pleasure.

Our hotel, situated at the center of the island, is an ideal base for trekking excursions. Nearby you may follow unknown paths, leading to unspoiled countryside, forgotten monasteries, bysantine castles and medieval villages. Discover the Paths, through extensive Olive-groves and cypress trees, to Old Corfu, that still exists, if you look for it, off the beaten highway.

Trekking, walking in Corfu

The walker will encounter and enjoy the real countryside of Corfu, will come in touch with its landscape and people. Meet old women, still leading their goats to pasture, corfiots busy with their olive harvest, still today a way of live, discover millions of wild flowers and 55 different kinds of wild Orchids or enjoy a creamy coffee, in the cafe of the village square, chatting with the local people.

Three special books about CORFU WALKS will help you.

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